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Embrace the future of printing with Southeast Prints and DTF printing. Our Direct to Film (DTF) technology brings vibrant, high-quality prints directly to you at affordable prices.

Whether it's for your business, school, brand, or personal projects, we guarantee superior print quality on a wide range of fabrics and substrates.

Revolutionize your apparel printing with Southeast Prints. Unleash the power of DTF printing today.

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How do you ship your prints?

We ship with UPS and United States Postal Service (USPS). We prefer UPS as they usually have the best rates. Film rolls are packed in plastic sleeves for protection and shipped in 24" x 4" x 4" heavyweight cardboard boxes sealed with reinforced paper tape that bonds with the box.

How do I track my order?

Click the person icon in the top right corner to open the Account page and click on the Order under your Order History. The tracking number is in the order details.

What is your return policy?

We stand behind the quality of our work. If there is a defect in your
print we will refund your money minus shipping. Photos of the damage or defect must be sent in via email to before
refund will be issued.

What is a gang sheet?

A "gang sheet" is a term used in the printing industry to denote a method where multiple designs are printed on the same transfer sheet. This approach is economical and efficient, as it allows you to maximize the use of each sheet by sizing and arranging your images accordingly. By utilizing the entire sheet, you can potentially reduce material waste and minimize costs.

You can create your own gang sheet using various design tools such as Canva, Photoshop, or our online gang sheet builder. Please note that submitting your self-created gang sheet is typically less expensive than using the online builder. As a way to assist our first-time customers, we offer help in creating your initial gang sheet. This service is all about ensuring you get the most from each sheet, with all designs using
the same type of material and print settings for compatibility.

The term "ganging" refers to this grouping of designs on the same print job. The more efficiently you can layout your designs on a gang sheet, the more cost-effective your print job becomes.

What are your press instructions?

  • Set pressure at medium to heavy
  • Temperature at 300 Fahrenheit
  • Press for 10 seconds
  • Repress for 6 seconds using Teflon or butcher paper
  • Peel hot or cold

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What format do I submit my file?

Please submit files in .PNG format with transparent background at 300 DPI or higher.

What is your turn around time?

Turn around time is 24 hours. Orders placed by 1 PM EST ship the same day. We also print and ship on Saturdays.

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Our High Quality DTF (Direct-to-Film) print transfers allow anyone from small to large shops, hobbyists, and brands to print any design on a vast array of fabrics and substrates. Whether you need bright whites, solids, gradients, or fine lines, there is virtually no limit to what we can print!

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Southeast Prints is the leading DTF (Direct-to-Film) print provider in the Southeast United States. By harnessing cutting-edge DTF printing technology, we provide vibrant, high-quality prints with high-quality customer service. We're committed to quality, efficiency, and your satisfaction. We're not just a print shop - we bring your creativity to life.

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